About Us:

The Anderson Farm was built in 1837 and is located on the corner of Dwyer Hill Rd and Franktown Rd. The Farm was recognized as a Century Farm in 1967, having remained in the family since Confederation.


This is the fifth generation of Andersons to live and work on the farm. The operation today is much the same as earlier years except for the advantage of modern machinery.


We specialize in All natural beef and lamb in the Ottawa area. You can come to the farm and buy individual cuts or special order freezer orders to suit your needs. We sell to the consumer, restaurants and local grocery stores.


What does all natural mean? It means we do not use any growth hormones or antibiotics in raising our animals.

We finish our beef and lamb on corn and or barley. The reason we use grain to finish is for the flavor. Our beef and lamb is still lean but a nice amount of marbling gives tender, moist and flavorful cuts.